How to Treat an Overwatered Cannabis Plant

Watering can

Overwatered plants can be caused by having small pots but big seedlings, big pots for small seedlings, poor or no drainage, and watering too often. You’ll know your outdoor or indoor marijuana plant is overwatered when the seedling is droopy, when it’s damping off, and when the pot or container it’s in is moist. Contrary […]

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5 Methods of Germinating Cannabis Seeds

cannabis seeds

Before you start planting your cannabis seeds, you should first germinate them. This crucial step has a huge role in the life cycle of your plant. If you’re interested in producing marijuana plants that provide benefits, germinate your seeds properly. If you’re a beginner, you might have heard of the cloning method. In that technique, […]

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Growing Cannabis: The Importance of Light

Mars Hydro Reflector 144

LET THERE BE LIGHT! Whether you’re growing your marijuana plant indoors, outdoors, using hydroponics, or using the cloning method, you’ll need light. Your crop will require a significant amount of light for it to grow and blossom. Your plant won’t be able to keep its sustainability if it has no access to the right amount […]

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Benefits of Using LED Grow Lights

Do you know how much light indoor plants need? If you answered, “They require as much light as outdoor ones,” you’ve guessed it right! When LED grow lights weren’t as famous as they are now, high-pressure sodium (HPS) lamps and fluorescent lights were used by grow room owners. However, these lights require you to have […]

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History of Cannabis

Cannabis sativadior

From the Greek word kannabis, this plant, usually known as marijuana, is known for its medicinal and recreational use. Hundreds, even thousands, of years before the drug became illegal in most American states, the plant was used for medicinal and industrial purposes. For more than 3,000 years, cannabis fibers were known to be durable and […]

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Growing Cannabis: The Cloning Method

Cannabis clones under light

INTRODUCTION After reading the history of cannabis, I’m sure you’re ready to grow your plants, so let me share this technique. The cloning method is considered the smartest way to cultivate marijuana; no wonder it’s popular among farmers and indoor cannabis growers. In this process, you’ll select some donor plants, cut out their branches and […]

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Cannabis and Coffee: Are They Related?

cannabis plants

You’ve probably heard of the Cannoffee relationship of these two. But are they actually connected to each other, or people are just assuming things as usual? Today, we’ll reveal the real thing going on between them. Caffeine cannot improve your “high” Unfortunately, drinking coffee while smoking pot doesn’t improve the user’s state of being high. […]

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Growing Cannabis Outdoors Vs. Indoors

Marijuana grown outdoors

Are you going to grow marijuana in soil or use the hydroponics method? If it’s in the soil, there’s no question you can grow them indoors or outdoors. But if you want to use the latter technique, then your garden should be indoors. But what is the difference between growing them outdoors and indoors anyway? […]

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5 Health-Related Reasons to Grow and Smoke Marijuana

The word focus encircled

Ever wondered why there are states that allow the cultivation, possession, and use of marijuana? Aside from its recreational blessings, cannabis also offers benefits for your health. Here are five health reasons that will make you grow weed today, whether indoors or outdoors. They give you the power to concentrate Fortunately, some stoners are better […]

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